1. drink more water
  2. exercise, every once in awhile
    Zumba counts, right?
  3. try one zumba class
    I did it and loved it!
  4. finish the master and margarita
  5. stop second guessing myself against stem boys
    i'm definitely just as competent, if not more, and i aim to be just as confident as they are this year
  6. drink. more. tea.
    is this even possible?
  7. give spontaneity a shot
  8. find something about every class i take that i enjoy
    yep, even math ** proving to be a challenge.
  9. write more paper letters to people i care about
  10. salad
    My only salad in 2017 so far was a let down, will keep trying.
  11. be calm
  12. Visit more parks
  13. Stop biting nails
    So far so good!
  14. Resist Donald Trump
  15. brush and floss more
    Doing this one!