1. Hi List! I'm Ellen, I'm a sophomore pre-med student at a top university in the US, I plan to go for an MD/PhD after I graduate
  2. I have a really good problem but nonetheless a problem, which is two fantastic summer opportunities
  3. 1. Internship in healthcare
    Working with patients to determine if seeing the same doctor over long periods of time leads to better health options. Paid, great opportunity to work in a healthcare setting, but also a 9-5 desk job (there is absolutely nothing wrong with this, but it is really different than my other option.
  4. 2. Study abroad in Spain, learning Spanish
    I received some money to essentially design my own intensive Spanish language study - Madrid and Seville. It would be relaxing and I'd learn a second language, which I think is always a good thing to do (for a career, for life). I'd also be independent. But, I don't know if this would look okay on a resume or application.
  5. This all has to be decided in the next few days, and I'm thinking about it way more than my final tomorrow 😔
  6. I also really hate saying no to things, but I can't do two summers in one.
    Side note: never EVER understood why Hermione gave up her time turner!
  7. I'm coming off of a very long, difficult year of work and school, and I think it would be good to relax.
    College is hard, my college is notoriously rough, this quarter was so long
  8. But I feel like going with how I feel might be bad career wise.
  9. This isn't a really big problem in the scheme of things, but I'm a bit of a mess about it and I'm looking for all the advice I can get!
  10. Any thoughts?
  11. If no one sees this I think it was still good to get it written out.