Here are some faves
  1. Micawber's Books, St. Paul MN
    This is my place forever and always. Go. It moved somewhere slightly less beautiful but I love this store the most.
  2. 57th Street Books, Chicago
    I feel so lucky that my campus is near 3 great bookstores. This one is my favorite.
  3. Drury Lane Books, Grand Marais, MN
    This place is adorable.
  4. Munro Books, Victoria BC
    Added bonus: UK paperbacks before they are out in the US
  5. Today I had a great time in Myopic Books, Chicago
    Fun place. Probably not to code. So many books...
  6. Hon. Mention: gift shop at the Getty Museum
    Definitely could have walked out with several books on art/art history.
  7. Barter Books
    Second Hand bookshop in Anwick UK a wonderful place.
    Suggested by @Waddy
  8. Librería Bardon: Madrid, Spain
    sometimes words fail you. Also, everything jn here is priceless.
  9. Desperate Literature - Madrid, Spain
    That unassuming storefront hides a real gem of a bookstore - small, mix of used and new, carefully curated, with some rare and truly spectacular first editions and other rare stuff.