1. The really prepared family with kids with matching snowboots
  2. The terminal connector that isn't coming
  3. The cars you don't see in states with winter
  4. The Cal student who looks really nervous trying to find her family
    I feel ya girl
  5. Excessive neon lights
  6. Sitting on a metal bench outside, not freezing
  7. The left behind coke bottle, half full
  8. This city confuses me
  9. And I haven't really traveled alone this whole leg of the trip
  10. I kept running into friends and friendly strangers
  11. But I'm real ready to find my family
  12. And get out into the desert
  13. ** This was a lonely list that I never posted while I waited for my family to arrive in LA after a massive blizzard delayed them. It was a pretty lonely, exhausting wait. And left a lot of time to people watch and think about LA...
  14. Also, we did make it to the desert.
  15. Static
  16. Static