OMG this election is so stressful and I'm so so so happy to have voted for some awesome people - Hillary Clinton, Tim Kaine, Tammy Duckworth, Kim Foxx, <3, but like. I want more votes. I want to cast one in Minnesota, because a certain deplorable man child criminal touched down there and said shit about the immigrants in my community.
  1. Without further ado...
  2. Ilhan Omar
    I don't live in her district even if I was still registered at home. But shes a brilliant young woman who WILL be the first Somali woman elected to a state legislature.
  3. Rick Nolan
    He seems like a really nice guy who is also progressive and works hard for his northern MN district in the House of Representatives. Also, he's in a tough race with a billionaire with a bad haircut and worse policy opinions!
  4. Justin Trudeau
    Don't we all though.
  5. Russ Feingold
    Campaign finance reform and someone my dad knew in high school. Lets go Wisconsin liberals!
  6. Barack Obama
    I'm gonna miss him so much.
  7. Angela Merkel
    I really admire her for putting herself on the line to welcome refugees - not perfect in execution, but I think it shows great integrity of character during a tough situation.
  8. The Queens Elizabeth
    Not really elected. Somewhat problematic. Amazing power ladies.
  9. Al Gore
    Think about how different things would be today.
  10. Michelle Obama
  11. Hillary Clinton, about 5,000 times in each swing state.
    My granny used to say vote early and often, but that would also be illegal 🤔😐
  12. I feel a little better now.