1. Ask leading questions about the clarity of the law so he understands it is not appropriate for him to write you a ticket for touching your phone under a section that prohibits wireless communications. "You described me as holding the phone in one hand with my thumb on the screen...how can we be sure this means I was texting?"
  2. When he tells you it's acceptable to touch your phone with one hand if it is mounted on your dash ( not part of section 12323.5) you ask him "so how is that different than me touching my phone one handed?"
  3. Refuse to sign the ticket
  4. When he tells you he has to give you the ticket because he already wrote it. Stroke his ego "It's amazing that you have the power to decide whether or not to just give me a warning despite the fact that you've already written up the ticket"
  5. Let the officer know you'll be contesting the ticket using your phone bill
  6. Once you begrudgingly accept the ticket you get out of your car approach the cop and ask him how much the fine is..."since you give these all the time"