1. Wear all the nearly NSFW outfits that make you look like a baddass, that you never could get yourself to leave the house in before now
  2. Be at least 5 min late because you got yourself an actual breakfast before work
  3. Play 90s club music from your computer - very quietly - all day
  4. Check Instagram every hour
  5. Create a list of job duties that makes it seem like you were a valuable employee - send it to your boss as inspiration for the job title they will write for your replacement
  6. Write up a step-by-step google doc for each basic task you preformed at work. Send docs as individual emails to your manager throughout the week
  7. Distract all your coworkers by asking them on coffee meetings or just flirting with them at their desks
  8. Leave early everyday so you can make it to happy hour at a bougie bar