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  1. Working out
    Swim, yoga, zumba, Jillian Michaels DVDs
  2. Eating better
    Whole30, stop drinking Dr. Pepper, cut it out with the bread woman!, maybe don't even use the Dr. Pepper chapstick, paper thin slice of cake turns into 10 paper thin slices of cake
  3. Applying to grad school
    Teacher? Politician? Do they still need cartographers? Art historian? Therapist? Oh yeah, I should go see a therapist.
These ain't to wait-to-renters.
  1. Steve Jobs
    Fassy. Need I say more? Oh, I do? Fine. Kate Winslet, Seth Rogan, Sorkin baby!
  2. Suffragette
    That "Landslide" cover in the trailer had me sold. Along with the overall very very very important message. FEMINISM, DUH!!
  3. Room
    Looking like Brie Larson wants that Oscar. After Short Term 12 I think she's got what it takes.
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