As requested by Grace.
  1. The Ringwood Bypass
    My favourite road. So good. Screw Maroondah Highway. I love the Ringwood Bypass so much.
  2. Eastlink
    Or as my dumb ass boyfriend would say 'The Eastlink'. This is a good road. Costs money, but gets me to the beach really quickly.
  3. The Eastern Freeway
    Hellish at peak hour, but because I'm a lazy student who never drives at peak hour, I just breeze into the city in 20 minutes, mostly to get ice cream or brunch somewhere cool.
  4. Cape Paterson-Inverloch Road
    Did a lot of my learner hours on this road, cruising between The Cape and Inverloch. It's very pretty and I only ever drive it when on holiday, so it's always relaxing.
  5. Great Ocean Road
    The quintessential Victorian Road. No list of roads is complete without it.
  6. The Ring Road (Iceland)
    Had to chuck at least one international road in here, and this is the ultimate one. Just one long road around an amazing island.