I have a 3 year old Chinese Crested Powder Puff named Roosevelt. His name stems from an old dumb joke, and he is the best.
  1. Lay his head on my MacBook where it's warm.
  2. Knock pillows off the couch.
    Over, and over, and over again.
  3. Sleep under the covers in my bed, clear down by my feet.
  4. Wrestle with his friends - (Daisy, Charlie, and Mira).
  5. Hide in the back of my closet when I cook.
    I think this is because ONCE I set off the smoke alarm, and now he associates me in the kitchen with loud piercing noise.
  6. Go on walks, but look back at me the entire time, smiling.
    It's like he's thinking "Can you believe this mom? Isn't this amazing? Isn't this the most fun we've ever had?!?!"
  7. Lose Oinkies in the couch, only to remember them months later and frantically need to dig for it at the most in opportune times.
    Like the middle of the night, when I'm watching something really good on TV, or when there's a gentleman caller over.
  8. Take forever to eat a bowl of kibble because he eats it 3 pieces at a time.
    And not at the bowl - he takes kibble in his mouth, runs to the living room, drops it on the floor, and eats it. Then runs back to his bowl. Repeat till empty.
  9. Eat turkey. Oh my God Turkey.
  10. Keep his old bandanas from the groomer.
    He hates wearing them, but loves to chew/play with them. They're hoarded in his toy box.
  11. Avoiding getting his picture taken.
    But when I catch him, he's so photogenic! And this is obviously immediately post groomer. Hence his bandana.