Food videos are the worst. Potluck of my nightmares list.

If you post more than one disgusting recipe in a week, you are unfollowed. I can handle nearly anything else. Just not this crap.
  1. While this doesn't look like the most disgusting thing ever, the cheese drives me nuts. When people act like it's such an amazing thing that the cheese gets melty, I'm over here like, it's cheese, what did you think it would do? That's like the aunt you haven't seen in 14 years who goes on and on about how you've grown. Duh, lady.
  2. Stop trying to make every freaking thing pizza. It's weird. Pizza in some forms is wonderful. But just chill. Cold pizza is delicious, have you ever had a cold tot and been like.... Mmmm old potato taste... No you haven't. Stop.
  3. The fact they used 3 kinds of good cheese, parm, mozzarella, and gruyere, then dyed it like the rainbow is weird enough. But sprinkles? Wtf. On brioche? So you have some of the greasiest cheese, on some greasy bread, with sprinkles. What do those t-shirts say... "Keep calm & stop messing up grilled cheese, wtf is wrong with you."
  4. Bag bread. This intrigued me, I won't lie. Until I watched the video. That was the saddest Holly Hobby looking bread ever. If you're going to blow the money to make fresh bread, put at least slightly above minimal effort in.
  5. Chicken and ham roll ups. Aka to the rest of the world not living under a rock, Chicken Cordon Bleu, with no sauce. It's not like this is such a fancy concept common folk had never heard of it. Arby's has a Cordon Bleu sandwich. They aren't trying to reinvent the wheel, just rename and take credit for it.
  6. This nonsense almost made me yell at my computer. 😨 Do you know how excited I would be about that cake? I love almonds. I love cake. Berries are cool. Then I cut it, and it's a watermelon. So now you have disappointed me on so many levels. Why ruin a good watermelon? Why dress it as a cake? This is an "I don't want to be friends anymore" recipe.
  7. Let's just call a spade a spade here. This is laziest bastard alive casserole. Look at the layers. Corn, mushroom soup, tots, cheese, tots. This is what you make to take to a pot luck where you hate everyone who is going to be there.