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I'll be adding numerous gifs per character ***not finished***
  1. Chandler Bing
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  1. Wolfgang -Explorers
    Ethan hawke is in this too!
  2. Chris Chambers - Stand by Me
    The friend I wish I had
  3. Charlie- The Mosquito Coast
    First movie with Harrison ford
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  1. When this girl im friends with sat with me and my other friends that aren't friends with her and continued to days after in class and I just feel awks about it
  2. Me when I hear my friends are going to tims for lunch and haven't invited me
  3. When one friend asks if I wanna come
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  1. Eyelash extensions
    This would benefit me a lot
  2. Blonde highlights
    I've been wanting lighter hair forever but always been against it bc my mom would never let me & engrained it in my mind that dying my hair will damage it. I have great hair I'm not even lying, Idek what makes someone's hair great but everyone tells me my hair is so great. Idk why, apparently I have lots of it & it's rly healthy. So bc family & peers & many hairdressers have said this I've always had a fear of fucking up my hair but life's too short & I've developed a fuck it attitude about this
  3. A tan
    A tan would do me well- I'm pale as fuck anyway way but it's February in Canada
  1. Why not me? By Mindy Kaling
    She's honestly my idol I want to be her!!!! Like I aspire to have a job like hers and be as cool and successful and smart as her!! does mindy have li.st???
2017 on going movie list
  1. The wedding ringer
    Jan 30th 2017: really funny, enjoyed this!!
  2. He's just not that into you
    Was nice. Glad Jennifer Anniston and Ben Affleck ended up happy - February
  3. The switch
    This was cute- February 17th
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Movies I enjoy, I only consider some to be my absolute favourites but what all these have in common was that I liked them enough to put them in a list
  1. Stand By Me
    My fave movie. I know it's about four 12 yr old boys how could a 16 (at the time I first saw) yr old girl relate. But I don't know I just can. It's nostalgic without being cheesy and it made me feel like everything would turn out okay. Grateful for it
  2. Catch me if you can
    Leo was gr8, tom was gr8. It comes in a double feature DVD case that has another tom hanks movie that my uncle appeared in. Kidding that's not why I like it. The chase was exciting, frank abignale jr. although a criminal (and probably a psychopath of sorts ) has a personality that draws you in.
  3. Titanic
    I never before in my life considered Leonardo dicaprio attractive until I saw this movie for the first time @ 16. & up until that point I was harassed constantly by the shocked people who discovered I'd never seen it. "you've never seen titanic??!! But Leonardo dicaprio!??!" & thus i developed angsty feelings of never wanting to see the movie ever. Idk what happened though 1 day I watched it and my mind was changed.
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  1. F.r.i.e.n.d.s
    As basic as friends may appear to be to some people, I truly love it. It came into my life at a time when I really needed it. I suppose any show could have done the same but it happened to be this one and so I hold a special place for this one! It's silly and comforting (also convinced chandler bing and I are the same person)
  2. The office
    I won't lie, this show was slow @ first for me, took me a few episodes to really get into but I love, so funny make me laugh ❤️❤️
  3. The Mindy Project
    Although when I was watching it on Netflix it was missing like half of season 4 and so I moved on while I was waiting for the rest to be there and it has been added since but I haven't caught up yet
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After my grade 12 advanced functions exam yesterday 💔💔😭 *THESE ARE ACTUAL PICTURE OF ME FROM YESTERDAY*