A timeline of River Phoenix characters

  1. Wolfgang -Explorers
    Ethan hawke is in this too!
  2. Chris Chambers - Stand by Me
    The friend I wish I had
  3. Charlie- The Mosquito Coast
    First movie with Harrison ford
  4. Jimmy Reardon- A Night in the Life of Jimmy Reardon
    Matthew perry is in this too he's so young
  5. Jeff Grant- Little Nikita
    Still have to see this one
  6. Danny Pope- Running on Empty
    I believe he was nominated for an academy award for this, rly interesting movie concept
  7. Young Indy- Indiana jones and the last crusade
    Small part but amazing acting so much of what he did seemed like Harrison fords mannerisms
  8. Devo- I Love You to Death
    Seems funny I've only seen parts of it
  9. Mike Waters- My Own Private Idaho
    I've yet to find this movie to watch it, I've seen clips, the cinematography looks beautiful I know this is one of his major roles that he's known for. I've also heard rumours that I this is the film his drug use started on so I feel a bit of a disapproval toward it but I've heard it's good
  10. Eddie Birdlace - Dogfight
    Another movie I've only seen clips of. I'd like to watch this movie the concept seems cool, I'm in no rush to see it though
  11. Carl - Sneakers
    I like the movie idea, dan aykroyd is in it
  12. James Wright- This Thing Called Love
    I couldn't find all of the movie online only up until like he proposes in that shop. So I don't have a formed opinion yet
  13. Boy- Dark Blood
    Seems a little creepy, it's his last movie and don't know if ill ever watch it.
  14. There r other movies too but these r the ones I am familiar with