An ongoing movie list

Movies I enjoy, I only consider some to be my absolute favourites but what all these have in common was that I liked them enough to put them in a list
  1. Stand By Me
    My fave movie. I know it's about four 12 yr old boys how could a 16 (at the time I first saw) yr old girl relate. But I don't know I just can. It's nostalgic without being cheesy and it made me feel like everything would turn out okay. Grateful for it
  2. Catch me if you can
    Leo was gr8, tom was gr8. It comes in a double feature DVD case that has another tom hanks movie that my uncle appeared in. Kidding that's not why I like it. The chase was exciting, frank abignale jr. although a criminal (and probably a psychopath of sorts ) has a personality that draws you in.
  3. Titanic
    I never before in my life considered Leonardo dicaprio attractive until I saw this movie for the first time @ 16. & up until that point I was harassed constantly by the shocked people who discovered I'd never seen it. "you've never seen titanic??!! But Leonardo dicaprio!??!" & thus i developed angsty feelings of never wanting to see the movie ever. Idk what happened though 1 day I watched it and my mind was changed.
  4. The dark knight
    Heath ledger as the joker is truly sensational. That is probably my favourite thing about the movie, the joker, he's crazy and yet there are morals and principles to his craziness. He keeps the plot moving. His nihilistic views are interesting. Although he's a terrible person. Great movie, cool cinematography
  5. Clueless
    "Ew! As if" Cher's antics and revelations in the film are fun to watch. Fun film, definitely a fave, if you don't like it, there's nothing I could think of to convince you. Sometimes you don't have a billion reasons you like something, you just like them.
  6. Flipped
    This movie was TOO cute. ROB REINER always wins. Like what did we do to deserve the movies this man is involved with. Sometimes movies try hard to be deep and emotional and at times this movie comes across like that, but otherwise I rly enjoyed the plot.
  7. 10 things I hate about you
    Another fun coming of age teen movie, Heath ledger is, again, rly great
  8. The godfather part 1
    I watched part one & loved it, its not a scary movie, but there were times when I was watching where I was genuinely worried or scared. The cinematography in combination with the film score is definitely what creates that effect. LIKE when don corleone (vito) was in hospital & they were expecting an attack from the other mob families on him, I was so scared, the suspense was crazy, or when Michael was at the place planning to shoot the guys I was so scared the plan wouldn't go through. SO GOOD!!
  9. Animal house
    One of my faves, funny, there's some stuff in it that's like kinda cringey and wouldn't be okay if it was made today but that is sort of okay. The toga party- specifically the shout dance scene is one of my favourite scenes in all of movie history !!!! Amazingggg it's not like crazy cool filming or cinematography or like rly good dialogue or something, it's just rly fun and funny and a great concept
  10. Romeo + Juliet
    I was first forced to watch this in grade 9 after being also forced to read the book, I hated it. This was the 1st time I had seen Leonardo dicaprio in a movie and I was still yet to see the appeal. But I did think he was cute in this first scene where they first see each other and later the scene after when they first talk. it's another one of my fave scenes of all time just by facial expression and action b/c like he looks so into her and it's so cute. I grew to like the story later
  11. Ferris bueller's day off
    Another fave!! Ferris is such a likeable witty character. U rly can't help but love him. The adventure they go on is kinda a dream of mine. And I also later realized how well I could relate to Cameron. Really good
  12. Good will hunting
    Will hunting is kinda, a little bit annoying. he's cocky and thinks he's all that and is sometimes a total asshole but in reality he's going through stuff so i sort of forgive it. Robin Williams is amazing in this. It made me cry, if a movie can make you cry or feel a connection it's doing something right. You could connect to the characters in a way even if it wasn't directly
  13. Star Wars 4-6
    I know I've seen 1-3 but I don't rly remember them, these 3 I watched for the first time recently and enjoyed them so much. I also rly liked the force awakens !!! R.i.p Carrie fisher
  14. The Martian
    I wasnt sure if I'd like it but I did! Not much to say about it but it was enjoyable, loved the scene when they played starman by David Bowie
  15. The departed
    Another good mob movie I loved. I should watch more gangster movies I think. I watched godfather part 2 but barely finished Never saw part 3. I think I need to watch goodfellas next. This one is different though it's about the Irish mafia, and it's got like a double agent aspect, rly cool
  16. Avengers and other marvel movies
    I like avengers, avengers age of Ultron, iron man 1, captain America winter soldier and captain America civil war. The avengers are my fave superhero group so these movies are fun.
  17. Tangled
    I didn't know or expect my fave Disney princess to be rapunzel. But this movie made her my fave princess. The reason I never expected it is cause I watched it late after it came out and it was such a recent movie anyway, like I'm too old for princesses and I assumed my fave Disney princess would be the same fave one it was when I was 4 but that changed, oh well. I guess this is sort of a guilty pleasure - Disney movies
  18. Peter Pan
    My last one reminded me of other Disney movies I love. Like Peter Pan. Going away to never land and never growing up is a gr8 concept that I would thoroughly enjoy. No seriously, someone plz stop me from growing up, I can't handle it. It reminds me of my childhood. the scene where their flying is so memorable. Gr8
  19. Forrest Gump
    Everyone likes this movie. Don't even lie about it. I mean it can be long but it's funny and clever. The edited scenes, like when Forrest meets JFK, are so funny
  20. The princess bride
    Rob Reiner again. Idk y I like this movie, like it's kinda weird and old. But I like it and so do many other people I know. Who knows what it is!! Westley is cute? Idk
  21. This is the end
    Seth rogen, James Franco, who could ask for more
  22. The lion king
    Quality Disney movie right here. Gr8 plot, gr8 music, gr8 characters. Some people say it's a rip off of hamlet, idc. I read hamlet I also liked it. The only real similarity is how scar/ Claudius kill simba's/hamlet's dad. Otherwise, who are timon and pumba in hamlet? Don't tell me rosencrantz and guildenstern b/c hamlet didn't even like them. And who is Ophelia in the lion king? Defs not nala. And where was simba's existential crisis cause hamlet has one. And simba's mom doesn't marry scar so.
  23. The wolf of wall street
    It's just rly good, not a movie that I thought I would like, I guess Leonardo dicaprio as a rich criminal is a popular theme
  24. The green mile
    This movie is really good. Stephen king stories are great. I was actually scared the entire time watching this, just b/c of the scene near the beginning where the guy is sitting there with the two dead girls trying to heal them. Although it looks like he killed them. It scared me and grossed me out the whole time and left me with such a terrible feeling in my chest the rest of the night. But other than that it was a good story.
  25. Toy story
    A childhood fave, what else can I say
  26. The last crusade
    I'm going to be straight and honestly tell you why this is on the list: river phoenix
  27. American graffiti
    Cute movie, I like it, not much to say!
  28. Footloose
    I don't usually like movies about dancing..?? But kevin bacon proved to be rly hot and this movie was rly enjoyable
  29. X-men: days of future past
    This is the only x men movie i have seen but I rly loved it!!
  30. Running on empty
    Danny pope and his gf are super cute together. Although it's not some sort of award winning, best film of all time, the concept is rly cool, River Phoenix has a gift
  31. The outsiders
    I read this book in grade 8 b/c it was either this, or the giver and like I think this one was pretty gr8. I watched the movie and loved it more. Stay gold!!!!