My Day, As Told in GIFs

  1. When this girl im friends with sat with me and my other friends that aren't friends with her and continued to days after in class and I just feel awks about it
  2. Me when I hear my friends are going to tims for lunch and haven't invited me
  3. When one friend asks if I wanna come
  4. My response
  5. Me sitting alone at lunch but knowing I gotta get over it
  6. Ms trying to stay positive about my life
  7. Me in my fourth period with the friends who left at lunch #feeling better
  8. Me when I see my friends have a 2.0 group chat for them that excludes me
  9. Me after walking home alone while my friends drove home together, going to bed to try and sleep off the day
  10. Me when my mom woke me up to go to tutoring
  11. Me when my tutor told me that he wouldn't be my tutor this semester and instead it's this guy that's like not even good
  12. My conclusion for the end of the day
    I feel a lot of sadness