Hire me, showrunners.
  1. The Walking Dead: Cate Blanchett as a single mother in search of her daughter, Mia Wasikowska, amidst the zombie apocalypse.
    Cate Blanchett's weapon of choice is a shotgun, owns a single plaid shirt, travels to Washington by exclusively carjacking Lamborghinis (Cate Blanchett has a modelling contract with Lamborghini and must be driving one in any television show she is featured in - part of her contract).
  2. Orphan Black: Idris Elba as the Prototype. Head of the Dyad Institute and became the first human trial of the human cloning experiment.
    Just close your eyes and picture Idris Elba. Can you see him? Now just imagine multiple Idris Elbas. You're welcome, humanity.
  3. Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Paula Abdul as herself and as Gina Linetti's dance partner (not that Gina needed one - she's the human form of 💯).
    They met when Gina auditioned to be a dancer in Paula Abdul's 27th anniversary music video special for 'Straight Up'. They subsequently became best friends and the human form of 👯.
  4. The Mindy Project: Hugh Grant as Jeremy Reed's old school 'chum'.
    Hugh Grant ends up with Beverly, to @mindy Lahiri's dismay.
  5. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: Claire Danes as herself and Titus' confidant.
    While Titus is incognito, he befriends his neighbour Claire Danes and confides in her about his struggles of being an Internet sensation. They mistakenly (during one of their Sangria Saturday Sessions) upload a DubSmash video of them lip syncing to Total Eclipse of the Heart onto Claire Dane's Instagram account. @JimmyFallon convinces Titus to move back to New York and offers him a segment on @FallonTonight where Titus reenacts scenes from this week's episodes of his favourite reality show.
  6. Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Nick Offerman as Captain Holt's ex-boyfriend.
    Somehow Mike Schur (TV God) has already responded my prayers. He's a big fan of my lists, she said with no followers or audience.