1. Sex workers are human beings
    And are therefore entitled to their human rights
  2. Sex workers know their job best
    Maybe we should listen to them - most are pro decriminalisation- instead of subscribing to the opinions of heavily privileged women who don't like sex work for personal reasons
  3. Because sex work isn't TRAFFICKING
    Sex work is work. Being trafficked is not.
  4. No other sort of gendered labour is criticised for not being "enjoyable"
    You think your pedicurist enjoys sloughing the dead skin of your feet? You think your nanny enjoys wiping your kids ass? Nah
  5. No other job supposedly impinges on your ability to govern other aspects of your life
    Sex workers, as well as being subject to all kinds of prejudice AT work, are often denied tenancy, and are more likely to have their children taken away from them.
  6. By criminalising sex work, we instantly put women in more danger
    Criminalisation of brothel keeping (one or more sex workers working from the same place) forces women to work alone, increasing likelihood of rape, kidnap, murder. Likewise, criminalising clients (the Nordic model) means that those who pay for sex are more likely to pressure sex workers to meet them in unsafe conditions.
  7. Because sex work exists
    And always will, like it or not. By disallowing workers to do their job within the law, we instantly put them in the line of client violence and police brutality.
  8. Because at the moment, when a sex worker is killed, we don't bat an eyelid
    She is a person, with a family, but because of her job she is so violently dehumanised by society that we forget about that