I mean, there are spoilers. And there's also a lot of hair.
  1. 10: Gloria Trillo
    The hair of Tony's favourite gumar crowns one very messed up head. But you have to admit - it is a perfect 'do. Weighty chestnut curls abound - no wonder Dr Melfi didn't care for her. Jealous, much?
  2. 9: Rosalie Aprile
    Poor old Rosalie. In all six seasons, no one had a tougher time of it than her. But did she let it affect her perfectly roller-set beehive? Did she fuck.
  3. 8: Ralph Cifaretto
    It wouldn't be a list about Sopranos hair if I didn't give a shout out to the show's most famous toupee. Chris gets a horrible shock when he goes to decapitate Ralphie and the wig comes away in his hand. "I had no idea!" he cries. Neither did I, Chris. Neither. Did. I.
  4. 7: Meadow Soprano
    Miss Meadow's hair changes with the seasons, reflecting her adaptable teenage girl's personality at any given moment. Here she is with a slightly 70s-esque, Manson family style centre parting. Suits you, Med.
  5. 6: Phil Leotardo
    Perhaps the biggest dickhead in the entire tri-state area, Leotardo has killed more people than cancer. Still, you have to respect a man who can pull off eyebrows a full Pantone chart darker than his hair.
  6. 5: Gabriella Dante
    The wife of Tony's consigliere, Sil, you better believe that ash blonde Gabriella's hair is full of secrets, which is probably why, whether up or down, it maintains a volume impossible for most of us to comprehend.
  7. 4: Silvio Dante
    I'm not sure how Gabby would feel about coming in after her husband on a hair poll - but here he is. Never before or since, onscreen or off, has any living human managed to make their real life hair look like a CGI animation of hair. Bravo, Sil.
  8. 3: Paulie Gualtieri
    Paulie spends his life lagging behind the other guys, but not this time. His hairstyle grows with his character, ending up a beautiful, melancholy caricature. White wings rise from his temples at near right angles; a fifties style quiff coiffs over his forehead in a way that Danny Zuko could only have dreamed of. And still, somehow, underneath all that, he manages to be a little scary.
  9. 2: Adriana La Cerva
    It doesn't matter what is happening to Ade - whether she's being harassed by the FBI, caressing her squashed chihuahua, dealing with IBS or meeting her horribly sticky end - she looks incredible throughout. Part of that is down to the fact that she's totally beautiful. The rest is clearly attributable to her utterly fabulous heat-set hair. In fact, she probably (definitely) has the sexiest hair of any TV character ever.
  10. 1: Carmela Soprano
    Oh Carm. From the very first moment I saw her I knew that no hair could ever compete. The way she tousles it into a bun, flicks it into a ponytail, teases it into a down-do and creates magical confections of plaits and swirls and curls for up-dos at weddings and funerals - sublime. Never has hair been more evocative. When she cut it all off to punish Tony, it pierced my heart, too. But it grew back, like their love for one another. And thank god for that. A worthy number one.