1. "You're so greedy, you jerk!" - Aziz Ansari
    Said in jest when I broke the rules and tried to ask two questions at a Q&A event for his book Modern Romance
  2. "Your comment made me tear up a little bit" - John Green
    After he announced the winners of his 10-word YouTube comment contest back in 2009. My comment was "Your books have changed my life, and I'm so grateful." These words gave me the one of the happiest moments of my life - and a signed copy of Paper Towns
  3. "Best wishes!" - John Green
    In an email response after I inquired about whether he'd received my shipping information for said book. My original email included ":D <3" because I was a ninth grader that didn't know any better
  4. "Yeah!" - Billie Joe Armstrong
    After my dad yelled "Great job!" to him after a performance of American Idiot on Broadway
  5. "I'm pulling for you!" - Chris Christie
    When I ran for student body president of my university, and his alma mater
  6. "The line would just get too slow, you know?" - Giada De Laurentiis
    When I asked to get a picture together at her cookbook signing
  7. "..." - Hillary R. Clinton
    When taking a selfie with me amidst of a very aggressive mob of supporters