99% of What I Eat

13 food items, 3 of which are condiments. All consumed in staggering amounts. The only foods I need in this world as they are perfect just the way they are. Also I am too lazy to learn to actually prepare things or buy expensive things
  1. Sabra Hummus
    Usually mixed with hot suace. Usually the entire family sized tub is consumed in one sitting
  2. Toast
    Staple. Vehicle with which to deliver hummus, eggs, or peanut butter to my mouth
  3. Sriracha
    Goes on eggs, hummus, beans, peppers, carrots, sweet potatos
  4. Black beans
    Mix it up with eggs, hot sauce, mustard, sweet potatos, whatever you like
  5. Bell peppers
    Eat them whole or a means of delivering hummus
  6. Mustard
    Tastes good on everything. The jar says 0 calories aka permission to absolutely drown things in it
  7. Eggs
    Fry an egg and you can put it on anything and suddenly it seems like you have a proper meal
  8. Sweet potatos
    Baked whole or cubed and mixed with everything
  9. Pickles
    Eat the whole jar in one sitting! The jar says 0 calories
  10. Baby carrots
    Eat the whole bag. Put anything on them.
  11. Peanut butter
    Eat half the jar! Consider throwing up! Then keep going! Eaten with a spoon or toast
  12. Yogurt
    Eaten plain or with honey and frozen fruit
  13. Frozen Strawberries
    Eating strawberries and not having to worry if they' have gone bad. Not having to deal with stems. With the added satisfaction of chewing on ice. Bonus. You can eat the whole bag and it's a much higher volume than you can get fresh!