(HERCULES 1 1/2?)
  1. Hades is arguably the most sympathetic villain in Disney history. He is clever, entertaining, and has understandable motives
  2. Having been banished to the underworld by his jock brother Zeus, you have to wonder what the full backstory is.
  3. This is how I like to picture it. Hades was the academic, the nerd in Olympian high school. Zeus was the popular jock who knocked the books out of Hades hands, broke his glasses, and started the chant "Hades has a mangina" during the talent show
  4. It's understandable how this influenced Hades' hot-headed nature. When Zeus suggested to the Olympian Court that they put Hades in charge of the underworld, they all fell victim to his charm, believing that Hades was a threat to the safety of gods and mortals alike.
  5. Hades, who has a powerful academic mind, was confined to the underworld where his only companions are the mind numbing Pain and Panic. Not only are they annoying and shrill, but so stupid and incompetent that they amplify Hades' anger management issues from bullying PTSD
  6. As the movie fails to address, Hades IS in fact capable of love. Although his romantic moves were not finely tuned.
  7. Hades saw Megara, a self-possessed, intellectual, and confident individual, living in the mortal world. He realized just how lonely he was.
  8. Hades didn't want to creep out Meg with a sudden profession of love, so he hid behind his evil reputation. He kept her as prisoner, a beacon of light in his dark world. He feared she could never love him, because he recognized that being in the underworld had made him pretty messed up emotionally
  9. After a particularly disheartening realization that the meat-headed, idealistic son of his nemesis brother is still alive, Hades was reasonably upset. To make matters worse Meg started calling him wonderboy and falling for his moves.
    Hades makes a fair point here
  10. Pain and Panic started sporting Hercules merchandise. Very understandable that Hades would freak out.
  11. Meg and Herc started "falling for each other" in a way that makes no sense. Jaded and sarcastic Meg would have next to nothing in common with wide-eyed optimistic Herc.
  12. It was certainly a devestating moment for Hades when Meg sacrificed her life for Herc. He watches the love of his life, "Meg-my-sweet", his "Little NutMeg", die in place of his rival's son.
  13. A tear escaped Hades' eye as he watched Meg's soul enter the River Styx and he imagined how lonely life would be for eternity alone in the loveless underworld
  14. When Hercules offered to take Megs place, Hades had hope for the first time in his memory. When Meg returns to life and Herc sacrifices himself, he can tell Meg that he, Hades, spared her life. He planned to finally admit his love for her.
  15. Hades watched in horror as Hercules, now an alleged "true Hero", exited the River Styx and left the underworld, taking the love of Hades' life with him. VIOLATING THEIR DEAL! As if Herc hadn't done enough damage, Herc punched Hades in the face on his way out.
  16. And what kind of life do Meg and Herc lead as mortals on Earth? What do they possibly have to talk about? No one buys that they share an eternal love. Herc is immature (he's 18!!), and pretty obviously Meg's rebound