Best Things About Rhode Island

  1. Del's Frozen Lemonade
    Lemonade slushy with chunks of real lemon. There is nothing better to drink on a hot day
  2. Nothing is over an hour away and there's rarely any traffic
  3. Deer Tick, one of my favorite bands, is from Providence
  4. It's really easy to learn people's phone numbers because everyone has the same area code
  5. They just elected their first female governor
  6. Coffee Milk a nectar of the gods
  7. Yankees and Red Sox fans live in harmony
  8. Beaches
    I lifeguarded here all last summer and it was so unbelievably pleasant to sit here all day long and be paid for it
  9. The flag
  10. The whole state treats other Rhode Islanders like they are neighbors because the state is so small they might as well be
  11. Mews
    Just a great bar/restaurant
  12. Surfing
    Even though the water is freezing people will put on their wetsuits and hats and feet and go surfing in the middle of winter