1. Have you ever looked down at your decadent plate of waffles only to wonder why and how this perfectly gridded toastiness came to be? Well this led me on a rollercoaster adventure through the bowels of Wikipedia
  2. The earliest waffle were first cousins with the communion wafer!! Waffle irons were used in the Middle Ages at the same time as the first communion wafer irons. They often depicted biblical scenes!!
    *body of christ*
  3. Early waffles were just made of grain flour and water (just like communion wafers), but when they started to get all fancy they threw in orange blossom water and honey.
  4. The image of the modern gridded waffle form was first represented in the 16th century, paintings by Joachim de Beuckelaer, Pieter Aertsen and Pieter Bruegel
    To me this doesn't really look like waffle food and more of a back alley gambling scene, but this is what the Internet says
  5. By the mid-16th century, waffle popularity was mounting In France. Francois I, king from 1494–1547, loved waffles so much he had waffle irons cast in pure silver. Charles IX enacted the first waffle legislation in response to violent fights breaking out between waffle makers. They were required to be no less than 4 yards from one another
  6. By the 18th century, expansion of Caribbean plantations had cut sugar prices in half, allowing waffle recipes were beginning to use sugar and other rare ingredients commonly used today