1. I'd like to see a chick flick that doesn't go like this: Two people are from different cliques
  2. One person starts fraternizing with the member of the different clique as a dare, to exploit them, etc.
  3. While it all started out as a joke, the cool clique member accidentally develops feelings for the other person. But won't completely admit it to themself yet
  4. The person who has been tricked finds out about the other persons alterior motives and probably says something like "so it was all a lie?!"
  5. "It's not what it looks like! I can explain"
  6. Before the other person can explain that while it started of fake, the feelings are real! The person who has been wronged storms off
  7. LET THEM EXPLAIN! There would be no issue here if you two would just communicate!
  8. There is a long montage of the two heartbroken people sitting in their respective rooms while a sad song like "Collide" by Howie Day plays.
  9. While it's embarrassing to admit to their buddy who's always hanging around, the trickster finally admits to their friend (and themself) they I don't care how uncool it is, I have feelings for the person in another clique
  10. Finally, the person who has been tricked FINALLY lets the other explain, usually because the other makes some kind of dramatic spectacle to proclaim their love. It usually takes about two seconds and all they need to say is "it started off as a joke but my feelings for you are real"
  11. They all live happily ever after