#WaxPaulNow, in reference to the travesty I addressed in my last list that Paul has been harshly rejected by the Wax figure canon
  1. Donald Trump
  2. Jenna Marbles
  3. Taylor Lautner
  4. David Wright
    Sorry I just do not know who this is
  5. Michelle Kwan
    It's borderline, but it's true
  6. E.T.
    God love him he is cute, but he's no Paul
  7. Amitabh Bachchan
    Was in the Great Gatsby I guess? Was not nominated for an Oscar last time I checked which was just now.
  8. White Beyoncé
  9. Lenny Kravitz
    He's a good dude but not recognizable enough to warrant a picture with
  10. Sue Sylvester from Glee
    Jane Lynch on her own, sure. But Coach Sylvester??
  11. Colin Firth
    Objectively a less talented actor. Rarely do we see Colin take on a challenging role
  12. YouTube sensation Zoe Sugg