Being stranded on a deserted island with people isn't so different from seeing the same people at work every day of your life
  1. John Locke - Dwight Schrute
    It's too easy to picture Dwight standing up out of his wheel chair with crazy eyes, declaring himself the leader, and whipping out his hunting knife (which he's been carrying around in anticipation of this moment!) Unfortunately neither Locke nor Dwight can ever seize total control as they are slaves to much greater forces.
  2. Jack Shepard - Jim Halpert
    Handsome creative leader somewhat at odds with Locke. Romantic and the most classically likable character
  3. Boone — Ryan Howard @bjnovak
    Hot young guy who knows he's hot. Never truly powerful, always the protege. Harboring some questionable sexual feelings for his half sister creating grounds for the most dramatic island relationship
  4. Shannon — Kelly Kapoor @mindy
    The other half of the most questionably unhealthy relationship on the island. Kelly Kapoor would absolutely just stand near the plane wreckage screaming and not helping anyone
  5. Kate — Pam Beasley
    The obvious match for Jack/Jim. Female lead who we are most invested in emotionally
  6. Juliette — Karen
    Not totally dislikable characters who originally work for "the others". Generally tolerated except for when they tried to swoop in and mess up Jack and Kate (the most inevitable couple on the island aka island Jim and Pam)
  7. Sawyer — Meredith Palmer or Roy
    I want to say Sawyer is Meredith because he is the island slut, but in terms of relationships he would have to be Roy as he is the hot head who drives a wedge between Jack/Jim and Kate/pam
  8. Hurley — Kevin Malone
    Happy-go-lucky fat dudes who are plagued with terrible luck. Occasionally mistaken to be mentally handicapped
  9. Desmond — David Wallace
    Both behind the scene characters who are crunching numbers trying to keep Jacob/Michael from blowing up the universe
  10. Sayid — Toby Flenderson
    Not an obvious leaders, but they both do their best with the technical stuff
  11. Ana Lucia — Jan
    Self possessed women (perhaps too much so) prone to flying off the handle
  12. Jin and Sun — Gabe and Erin
    The disfunctional couple with the creepy overly controlling male character who is an outsider and everyone kind of hates
  13. Claire — Angela
    Tiny pregnant blonde girls
  14. Danielle Rousseau — Nellie
    Weird foreign girls with wild hair the gang picks up pretty late on
  15. Charlie — Andy Bernard
    Self proclaimed rock stars who live in the past. While Andy only acts like he's constantly on drugs, Charlie actually is.
  16. Ben Linus — Equal parts Creed and Robert California
    Creepy, skinny, beady-eyed mofos who you have no idea what they're up to or who they're working for
  17. Jacob — Michael Scott
    Both a metaphor for God?