1. Umi Falafel
    SO CHEAP! SO GOOD! Makes me SO happy!!!!!
  2. Mama's Revenge
    One of the best veggie burritos of all time filled with seeet potato and eggplant along with all the other good stuff. And for some reason always filled with attractive men? Is it just me?
  3. Jo Burger
    SO Much FOOOD!!! And multiple options for different veggie burgers. You never see that. Amazing
  4. Murphy's Icecream
    Best Irish flavors, (caramalized brown bread, Dingle seasalt, baileys coffee, etc.)
  5. Angelina's
    Amazing brunch or dinner for a sunny day on the canal
  6. Aungier Danger
    Best donut ever made
  7. The Bernard Shaw
    Amazing street food court with the most fresh ginger beer anyone had ever tasted
  8. San Lorenzo's
  9. Green Bench Cafe
    Amazing and cheap food. All sandwiches are usually under 5 euro and they're amazing
  10. Joe's Coffee
    OBSCENELY good coffee. Smoothies are also top notch
  11. Bibi's Cafe
    Home of the best avocado toast that has ever passed my lips. No contest