Hobbies That Make Me Seem Like I'm Someone's Grandma

For perspective I was a teenager last year
  1. Reading books with my book club
    We are just starting "Fates and Furies"
  2. Jigsaw puzzles
    I get jigsaw puzzles for every birthday. I have already seriously messed up my back from leaning over puzzles for so many hours.
  3. Birding
    Have my own birding binoculars and a bunch of bird field guides
  4. Coin collecting
    Have been into it since I was in kindergarten
  5. Doing the NYT crossword while drinking black coffee
    Ah bliss
  6. Gardening
    I had a special broccoli plant that I grew during high school and harbor many dreams of having a large greenhouse/garden when I grow up
  7. Writing letters/postcards
    A lot of then never end up sent but I still like it