1. The wizarding world post Harry defeating Voldemort
  2. Narnia under the original rule of Azland
  3. Oz
    Not sure about this one. A lot of evils, but the Emerald City seems pretty glam
  4. Whoville
    Honestly they just seem like the best people. They get their Christmas presents stolen and are not bitter for a second. The Jim Carrey film adaption is not quite as appealing but I can still appreciate the sentiment.
  5. Andalasia
    THe animated world where sadness does not exist and animals sing and dreams come true. As creepy as it is that they are borderline brainwashed I would have no choice but to be happy because I too would be brainwashed
  6. Monsters Inc. world
    Seems like an interesting place
  7. Shark tale universe
    Just that moment when Will Smith as a fish swims up to his penthouse. Also the whale wash crowd could not be more chill