Into It!

  1. S-Town Podcast
    Cannot reccomend highly enough. Murder, mazes, clock makers, treasure hunts, corruption in rural Alabama. It's hard for me to believe it's not fiction. Not done bingeing but I have already laughed and cried. (Now that I'm finished, I can say it's among my favorite pieces of media ever created)
  2. Hollows & Fentiman's Ginger Beer
    Ginger, sugar, water, yeast, pear juice. This has been going on since 1905 and hasn't become the worlds most widely appreciated beverage? Someone explain this.
  3. Lemony Snicket wisdom
    A Series of Unfortunate Events turns poem book. Yes.
  4. Rick and Morty
  5. Lemon poppyseed donuts
    Speak for themselves
  6. Currents — Tame Impala