Didn't help much that I was such a lurker
  1. Here is what I looked like as a kid. I had black hair when I was really young, I was pretty pale, and had big eyes.
    Look at that shit eating grin
  2. Here's a picture of Wednesday Adams.
  3. For Halloween when I was in first grade my parents dressed me as Wednesday Adams. They put me in a white shirt and a black sweater and braided my hair. Everyone knew who I was.
  4. Buttercup: the angry powderpuff tomboy
  5. Toph: If I am Buttercup, there's no denying that I must also be Toph
  6. Pansy Parkinson: Malfoy's love interest from Slyterin
    The only descriptor she gets in the books is "pug-faced". Unfortunate that they came up with my face from that.
  7. Here's a picture of the girl from the horror movie "Orphan"
  8. Bonus: My great uncle bob
  9. Essentially I could have made a lot of money in horror movies wearing a white nightgown and lurking in a dark hallway until illuminated by a flash of lightening