My Cross-Country Roadtrip

Instead of flying home, storing all our stuff, and shipping things home, my friend and I took a nine day, round about, coast-to-coast drive home from college
  1. Grand Canyon
    I'd been here once before when I was in 7th grade. The view is so huge it's hard to take it all in at once. We hiked South Kaibab Trail to Cedar Ridge and back.
  2. Zion
    We just drove through, but it was so beautiful. The roads are paved red which matches the canyons. Cool tunnels and every time the road turns its another jaw dropping view.
  3. Bryce Canyon
    Probably one of my favorite stops. The rock formations are called "hoodoos" and the colors are really amazing
  4. Salt Lake City
    We stayed with my first cousins once removed. We looked at old family pictures and turns out me and my great uncle are unnervingly identical. We also walked around the Mormon gardens but you can't go in the temples.
  5. Jackson Hole
    We stopped here for lunch on the drive to Yellowstone. Surprisingly crowded for May. Pretty fancy place.
  6. Tetons
    The drive through was the scenic route to Yellowstone. Mountain views over the lake were amazing
  7. Yellowstone
    We also saw a ton of elk and a bighorn sheep. We saw a ton of buffalo that walked right down the road next to the car. There was a foot of snow at Lewis Lake where we planned to camp so we slept in the car.
  8. Mt. Rushmore
    Sort of anticlimactic because it was smaller than I'd imagined, but I know I'll will likely never be back in South Dakota again so I'm glad that I could cross it off my list.
  9. The Wall Drug Store
    Essentially the only attraction in South Dakota after you pass Rapid Ciry. All in all, a strange place.
  10. But they gave us 25 cent coffee so we appreciate them.
  11. Badlands
    Just a scenic drive through on the way out of South Dakota. Look closely and you will see a tiny mountain goat.
  12. Des Moines
    We stayed in an Airbnb with a really nice lady. The drive was surprisingly beautiful. The grass was so green that it looked like the Microsoft desktop background "bliss"
  13. Chicago
    We visited my best friend at uChicago for lunch. It was a beautiful day but I lost my life savings on the toll roads
  14. Niagara Falls
    After camping at Point Heron, we drove through Canada and stopped at Niagara. Awesome views from the Canadian side. The water is an amazing color and the sound is beautiful.
  15. Home
    After many days! Nothing was as beautiful as my own bed when it's all over.