1. Peaches
    You eat 4 bowls of canned peaches one time and suddenly everyone has forgotten your real name and you are now "peaches"
  2. Towely
    You wear a hooded towel suit for four days straight and suddenly everyone forgets your real name and now you are "Towely"
  3. Sprout
    You believe your sister when she says if you get tooth paste in your hair you have to cut it out. Cut your hair at the scalp right in front. It will grow straight up in a "sprout" form for about 8 months. Hello sprout.
  4. Ellis Island
    Be named Ellie and talk about Ellis Island one time
  5. Eleanor Eucalyptus
    Be named Ellen but everyone agree it doesn't suit you so they will call you Eleanor instead. Have a friend who appreciates alliteration and pizazz who tacks on "eucalyptus"
  6. Smelly
    Be named Ellie and consistently go to dinner without shower after sports practice
  7. Snaggle-tooth
    Have one crooked tooth that your parents will never let you forget about
  8. Ellie-Jelly-Belly
    Get chubby on your study abroad from eating too much chutney
  9. Screaming Bird
    Have temper tantrums as child but also really like bird watching