Requested by @pnw
  1. I used body wash as shampoo for 3 weeks instead of just buying more shampoo
  2. When I finally bought shampoo I bought "Sauve"
    This shampoo is for guest showers and college students
  3. I walked 60 blocks in NYC a couple weeks ago instead of buying a $2 subway ticket
  4. I rarely roll down the windows in my car/use the AC to try to save gas
    Someone once told me the drag from the windows wastes a ton of gas
  5. I save all my change in a piggy bank and cash it in every couple of months
  6. Reuse Keurig cups three times
  7. Cut my own hair since freshman year of high school
    In my defense that's a lot more than 5 dollars
  8. Every morning I do a 10 minute online survey to unlock a code to get a free coffee at the gas station across the street from my office
  9. Don't get guac because guac is extra
  10. Apparently you're supposed to replace razor blades every 5-10 uses.....
    Yeah probably more like every 3-5 months
  11. Texted my ex boyfriend demanding the new password to his hbogo account after he changed it
  12. Bought guy's deodorant because it's cheaper
  13. Started using a diva cup for the sole reason that it's less expensive than tampons
    Being a girl is expensive
  14. Asked the grocery store if they offer student discounts
    I was only half joking
  15. Refused to pay to fix my totally shattered phone for the past 6 months
  16. I've suffered through a lifetime of Spotify adds even though premium for a student is just $4 a month