Rocks & Minerals That I Find Borderline Arousing

Courtesy of the Carnegie Museum of Natural History Hall of Minerals
  1. This place is so amazing it's an insane amount of cases of rocks and minerals in these cases and everything else is dark and the walls are all mirrors
  2. Strontianite
  3. The perfect star and the glitter inside this rock
  4. This rock that looks like cotton balls but they're just more rocks
  5. Ugggghhhhhh
  6. It's as if this rock knew that clams make pearls
  7. Stone that just fused with other stones to imitate a little girl with a bow
  8. Looks like a poisonous bug but it's a rock
  9. This one that looks like a big pile of glitter sequins stuck together
  10. At least this one is a tiny bit phallic
    Also phosphorescent
  11. Looks like it's covered in moss
  12. This is only the tiniest fraction of the hundreds of rocks that are so insanely beautiful
  13. Everyone must go to this place