When you have an over active imagination you begin to see things, but in this case I think I might have been onto something
  1. A few days before I first saw Frozen I heard a group of friends discussing it saying "I can't believe he turned out to be evil." I knew there was a twist coming but I wasn't sure which character would betray me
  2. Naturally, I ruled out Hans because what Prince has ever turned out to be anything but perfect after all this time?
  3. Who would believe that "Love is an Open Door" was rooted in lies and deceit? The answer is no one.
  4. Anyway...I really thought Olaf was evil. Here's why:
  5. So eternal winter strikes and Anna sets out on a quest to bring back summer. How sweet.
  6. The snow is inherently evil and enchanted, no? Our protagonist is miserably trudging through the forest to find the cure for endless winter suddenly this creepy misshapen snowman comes out of nowhere
  7. He sneaks up on us in the woods (never a good sign). The reindeer is afraid of him (always trust animal instincts)
  8. Olaf spins a long winded tale about how he desperately wants to experience summer (exactly at the time in a Disney musical that the villian song usually occurs I might add)
  9. Everyone is asking, doesn't he know he will melt?!?!? Of course he does. The song is all part of his master plan
  10. Knowing that he will die if summer returns, he seeks out Anna, the biggest threat. He knows that she has the best chance of pacifying Elsa; and he wants to ensure she fails.
  11. Meanwhile we feel a growing connection between Kristoff and Anna. I thought that could be ignored if Kristoff and Elsa we're going to hit it off, bonding over their love of snow and how great Anna is.
  12. Either way, their journey to the ice castle is a failure as they are chased out by a large demon snowmonster.
  13. Did anyone else think it was suspicious that Olaf already knew Marshmallows's name?
  14. Clearly the two are related somehow, brothers perhap? Both are creatures of the snow on a quest to preserve winter. Olaf: the brains, and Marshmallow: the muscles.
  15. In my story, the climax of the movie comes when Anna is inches away from some enchanted item that would bring back summer, fingers outstretched, held at icicle point by the evil Olaf.
    Sick foreshadowing?
  16. Olaf would say "long live winter!" But before he could properly ice pick Anna, her sister Elsa would save her,realizing how dangerous the winter she created truly was.
  17. Anna and Hans would live happily ever after along side the couple Elsa and Kristoff
  18. The End