1. Sprout & Co.
    A block away from school where I get bomb salads everyday
  2. Howth Cliff Walk
    Early wake ups, long walks, sometimes we see dolphins
  3. Dicey's Garden
    And all the beautiful Brazilian and Argentinian men who frequent there
  4. Hollows & Fentimans
    Best form of alcohol ever made
  5. RyanAir
    Thank you RyanAir for your frighteningly cheap rates
  6. Late night Kerry Good butter + Irish soda bread after going out on weeknights
  7. Umi Falafel
    My rock
  8. Having never set foot in Trump's America
  9. Days when it's light out until 11pm
  10. Having neighbors with a super cozy apartment and make me tea and let me steal their food
  11. Bevy of crazy weird and lovable Irish people introduced to us by Darragh
  12. Getting high and watching How It's Made and Rick and Morty
  13. High quality 10/10 green grass everywhere
  14. Walking around the city feeling really safe and knowing there are just no guns anywhere
    Even pepper spray is considered an illegal firearm here
  15. Not being expected to tip people