1. Crunchies
    Honeycomb chocolate covered candy bars
  2. No having to wear shoes in restaurants
    Why is this against health code in America I am not touching food with my feet
  3. Buying a six pack for $1.50
    And everything being cheap for that matter
  4. Talking about birds and plants all day without people telling me to shut up
  5. Sundowners
    Aka drinking beer in scenic locations and watching the sunset
  6. Sleeping in my sleeping bag
  7. Proteas
    Really beautiful flowers in the fynbos
  8. Milkshakes
  9. South African accents
  10. Going to bed when the sun sets
  11. Showering only a few times a week
  12. Wearing the same shirt many days in a row and no one caring
  13. Always being in a ridiculously scenic place
  14. How easy it is to split the check
    They just bring the car machine to the table...groundbreaking
  15. Creamy pepperminty cookie dessert
  16. Peeing outside
  17. Birdwatching/botanizing/tide pool investigating
  18. The Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens
  19. Table Mountain
  20. Being of legal drinking age
    I'll only have to go through a month of this
  21. Not having cell service for many days
  22. Being off the internet grid and not fueling my internet addiction
  23. Stars
  24. Animals/camera traps
  25. Hot sweet chili sauce
    Apparently they have this in the US though? Who knew?
  26. Chutney on buttered toast
  27. Being outside most of the day
  28. People who allow their dogs to just walk around public places and you can pretend they're your dog for a few hours
  29. All the food labels are in kJ so I am free from worrying about how many calories are in the junk food I buy
  30. Free luggage carts in the airports
    This made me believe in humanity