1. Static
  2. It takes me a while to make lists. I enjoy working on them and editing them. I like COMPILING THEM
  3. This is why I felt that drafts was a useful feature
  4. Can someone explain to me what the benefit of the removal of drafts is?
  5. I need an explaination.
  6. I know there are always outcries against updates on essentially every social media application, but list is the only app that I don't move on
  7. I have enjoyed @list less since the removal of trending
  8. I have enjoyed @list less since the removal of relisting
  9. I will find @list more difficult to use after the removal of drafts
  10. I have used @list less after the removal of these features.
  11. I think list is an amazing community and I would hate to see it shrink further, and god forbid eventually disappear, because staff ignored reactions to updates because they are a normal for any social media platform
  12. I don't think I'll make one more list until drafts come back. Which upsets me. I want to list.
    Just logistically, I've made over 100 lists and I have used drafts every. Single. Time.
  13. Is it insane that I'm losing sleep over this ?!!??
  14. Keep waiting for an email back in response to my complaint email or better yet to open list to have it fixed........radio silence