The story of Betrayal by Broc-chick and getting in a food eating competition with myself
  1. When I got to college I got really excited because one night they were serving a dish I affectionately call "broc-chick" in the dinning hall
  2. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this term, it is a giant chicken nugget, hollowed out, and filled with cheesy broccoli sauce
  3. In my younger years it was a fond pastime of mine to challenge others to broc-chick eating competitions whenever we had enough on hand.
  4. When I came to college no one was interested is such a competition so I just ate 6 by myself by force of habit and because I believed I could
  5. As one might expect, I became violently ill, not having anticipated that I had passed my prime for junk food tolerance.
    [broc-chick], the Brock-chick betrayed me.
  6. I woke up the next morning with what I believed to be a staggering hangover, only to recall that I had not consumed any alcohol and it was simply the feeling of broc-chick making its way through my system
    *real photo taken on this momentous day
  7. I took this moment of nausea to rethink all my meat eating habits. To avoid this never happening again I figured it was best to just give up meat entirely, because hey, it can't hurt.
  8. Also you know environment and animal rights and health things, but really it was the Broc chick that turned me