Roadtrip Necesities That Are Easy To Overlook

  1. Hard copy road atlas
    When you are driving through middle America on empty Highways for 10 hours it is very likely that you will have terrible service. If you download the route before on your phone it will still direct you but I think it's easier to do planning the old fashioned way.
  2. Beer
    When you finish a long day of driving and are about to go to sleep in your tent or on top of the duffel bags in your car trunk it's nice to have a good buzz to lull you to sleep.
  3. Cooler
    Awesome for keeping all the food clean and out of the way. For making sure you are eating fruits and veggies it's the only way to keep them from rotting immediately in the hot car.
  4. Water
    If you don't want to be buying a ton of bottled waters at every stop then get a couple gallons at the start of the trip and use them to refill a water bottle
  5. Podcasts/Audiobooks
    Again if you have terrible cell service it's important to download these beforehand. It's nice to have a good variety. We listened to a mix of Harry Potter audiobooks, "Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me", "Stuff You Should Know", and "Put Your Hands Together"
  6. Coffee
    Not that easy to forget, but in middle America if you ask for iced coffee at a McDonald's they will automatically give it to you with a lot of cream and sugar. Even if you specifically ask for black coffee they may become confused and call over the manager. He will ask you what flavor you want, and when you say no flavor he will look panicked
  7. Toll Money
    I saved all my change from the school year and lost nearly all of it on Chicago and New York toll roads. Be prepared.