Tennis Players Ranked

  1. Serena Williams
    Obviously GOAT (as a side note I am so invested in her friendship with drake)
  2. Venus Williams
    I mean cmon she can get across the court in three steps. Watch the documentaries about the Williams sisters on Netflix.
  3. Gael Monfils
    Little known but by far the best player to watch. Never ranked too highly because he's a head case, but probably the most athletic on the circuit
  4. James Blake
    Peaked around 2006 after coming back from a broken neck. Went to Harvard. Honestly I was in love with him as a child. I watched all his matches. What a stud (also childhood friend of @john (John come back))
  5. Novak Djokovic
    He's got the talent, the looks, and the personality. Also the impressions are the best.
  6. Andre Agassi
    Not sure why I'm such a fan. Could be the mullet. I watched his last matched before he retired and was moved to tears for some reason (I think I was about 9)
  7. Lleyton Hewitt
    Thought he was devestatingly hansome
  8. John Isner
    Gotta route for the good looking Americans
  9. Roger Federer
    A crowd favorite, but I just wish he had a little more edge. My dad thinks the dude is a Greek god though. Do something! Have a scandal! Something!
  10. Andy Roddick
    Have to commend him for the power serve, but could never get over the Lacoste sponsorship. Loved the "Andy Roddick lost his mojo" commercials
  11. Rafael Nadal
    Respect the talent and all that but dude picks his wedgie before every single serve. Slowed down the game with the nervous tics.
  12. Andy Murray
    Watched him smash his racquet once after losing a non critical game. Couldn't forgive him for it.