My Favourite Podcasts Right Now

These are the ramblings that I listen to every week, without fail. They have turned me onto some very weird films, music, facts (did you know Dexter Holland from The Offspring is a scientist for AIDS research?) and insights from some of my favourite people in the world of film, games, music and television.
  1. The Nerdist
    if you don't listen to @nerdist podcast then what the fuck, why? it's so great, the variety of guests mean there is always someone who you'll want to listen to. I've listened to some of my favourite people just chit chat about their lives, values, friendships and work with more of my favourite people. chris hardwick and friends, I <3 ya
  2. Smodcast
    I am a huge, huge Kevin Smith fan and listening to him get high as a kite and ramble on about absolutely fuck all with Scott Mosier is just really charming. It's just two dudes talking about movies and tv, their friendship and careers and, the best thing to happen to my Twitter feed, ScanBC.
  3. You Made It Weird
    Ah, Pete Holmes, ya massive cutie! Again, it's more of my favourite people talking about weird shit with someone who has the same "WAAAAAAHAHAH" laugh as I do when something slays me. WOOO!
  4. How Did This Get Made?
    Possibly the best podcast ever created? HDTGM invites you to watch terrifyingly bad films and analyse along with them. It's amazing how similar thoughts are when watching a piece of shit film and it makes it all the more hilarious. Also, Jason Mantzoukas ❤️