LA folks - this one's for you!
  1. Ice Cube is played by O'Shea Jackson, Ice Cube's son!
    As I was watching the movie I couldn't believe how accurate the unique features seemed to be...then I looked it up on IMDB and saw that this beautiful young actor was actually Ice Cube's son!
  2. I was too young to know much about Eazy-E's involvement in starting and fronting N.W.A. But I learned a lot about that from the movie
  3. There was a huge focus on the relationships between the guys in the group and they all reflected the human condition - trust, betrayal, love, family, roots, passion
    There is a lot of dialogue about the lawyerly way to settle feuds vs. the "Compton" way
  4. The cast is almost all rookies and they are phenomenal
  5. The portrayal of the '80's is real - hair, clothes, drugs, no fear of AIDS from hetero-sexual sex
  6. A young Snoop is in a few scenes and is hilarious!
  7. Gained a ton of respect for Dr. Dre even though I already loved my beats