We moved from the Bay Area to northern Virginia (affectionately know locally as "NOVA"
  1. People loved talking about astrology
    You had to know your own astrological sign and your current partner's, all of your ex-lovers signs, and your children's ... possibly plan the birth of your child by sign.
  2. Wine was everywhere, all the time.
    I have been teaching yoga for eight years and have never seen wine served in conjunction with doing yoga as much as in the Bay Area. Which brings me to my next list item...
  3. Throw a rock, hit a yoga teacher
    Every woman and many men who live in California seem to somehow be or be best friends or roommates with a yoga teacher. I'm sorry, but no economy can support this many yoga teachers - especially not one with the highest housing costs in the world.
  4. Reasonable restaurant portion sizes
    This may be what I miss most about the Bay Area. I didn't walk out of restaurants feeling like my pants button would burst. The rest of the country thinks more about quantity over quality...not California!
  5. More than 50% of people I interacted with on any given day were stoned.
    This made everything take much longer than it should have and also contributed to a lot of clerical errors and misunderstood dialogue.
  6. Gender Surprise!
    I could walk down the street in the Castro and it didn't matter what was under anybody's clothes. At any given time there were tons of folks in the Bay Area dressing in traditionally other gender clothing or sporting a hair style that was "unclear" - and I loved that!! Now I only see typical clothes on people who never surprise me by looking up from an IPhone and are actually sporting a beard with that long, flowing pink and ribbon hairstyle.
  7. Hearing the words "rad," "bummer," and "bailed."
    Either these concepts don't exist in the rest of the U.S. or the colloquial use of these words spread east briefly after the movie "Encino Man" premiered and then quickly died out. Sorry, Paulie Shore.