You don't live in a city until you have a go-to coffee shop (or two). Take your pick from this list of killer coffee shops in Austin, TX.
  1. Halcyon.
    Come here in the afternoon for a bite and a coffee. Stay until evening and order a drink from their full bar. They also have a walk-in humidor and blazing fast internet.
  2. Cenote.
    This coffee shop, built inside a refurbished historical home, will quickly become a favorite. Huge beautiful outdoor seating area. Full kitchen with an amazing menu. Coffee and alcohol. Wireless. The best juice bar you've ever been to right outside.
  3. Bennu.
    Open 24/7. Great for working late or getting coffee earlier. Lots of tables and, possibly more importantly, plugs. Come here to work the night away.
  4. Thunderbird.
    This place has it all. Patio and indoor seating. Food, coffee, beer, and wine. Great people and daily deals. Order the Le Raymond sandwich with a side salad- it's addicting.