Cause I'm tired of everyone bagging on this season. And we all love an underdog.
  1. The wash of warmth you experience when, freezing cold, you step into a hot, steamy shower.
  2. Less B.O. means I get away with doing exponentially less laundry.
  3. Endless excuses to buy candles and twinkle lights as means of coping with daylight savings and the gloomy weather.
  4. Endless hot drinks! Cider, cocoa, tea, mulled wine, and my personal favorite: coffee. It just doesn't taste the same when it's 90 degrees and humid.
  5. Perfect movie weather. Winter begs for Harry Potter marathons and Netflix binges.
  6. A Norwegian phrase claims that "there's no bad weather: only bad clothing." Winter weather justifies the purchase of awesome snow boots, leather gloves, fleece-lined jackets, and much more. There is nothing more invigorating than getting outside in cold temperatures! You just have to be properly equipped.
  7. SNOW!
  8. Bitter cold wind whipping your face = endearing rosy cheeks.
  9. Smells: cinnamon, cloves, woodsmoke, pine needles, etc.
  10. I sleep a billion times better when it's cold out. My bed is the comfiest, warmest place on earth!
  11. Significant less need to shave legs.
  13. I love New Year's resolutions, so sue me.
  14. The FOOD. Hearty soups and stews! Homemade bread! Cookies and sweets galore! It's also citrus season and supermarkets everywhere sell those sweet, cute little mandarin oranges.
  15. If nothing else, winter makes you appreciate the glory of spring. What's life without a little variety?