1. Casa ~ Jean-Michel Blais
    Rain turning into a thunderstorm
  2. Fools rush in ~ Bow Wow Wow
    Laying in a hammock in the wind
  3. I'll believe I anything ~ Wolf Parade
    Running away
  4. The Wheel ~ SOHN
    Driving into a big city
  5. You ~ Petit Biscuit
    Watching the sunrise
  6. I Won't Complain ~ Benjamin Clementine
    Riding in the rain
  7. Moitée ~ Frànçois & The Atlas Mountains
    Swimming alone
  8. Laisse timber les filles ~ France Gall
    Dancing in the sand
  9. As Luck Would Have It ~ Tom Rossenthal
    Feels like you're driving through the trees and the sun is flickering through the leaves
  10. Jimme's Song ~ Emanuel and the Fear
    Driving down a country road
  11. Lake Michigan ~ Rogue Wave
    Dancing in the summer or skipping
  12. II ~ Jean-Michel Blais
    Watching fireflies
  13. Wax and Wire ~ Loch Lomond
  14. Mr Quiche ~ Wildcat! Wildcat!
    New things
  15. Pulaski at Night ~ Andrew Bird
    Driving through Chicago of course
  16. Downtown ~ Macklemore & Ryan Lewis
    Doing whatever you want
  17. I to my arms ~ Nick Cave & the bad seeds
    Loosing a person
  18. Test Pilot - Chilly Gonzales ~ Test Pilot
    Watching the stars
  19. Clair de Lune ~ Flight Facilities, Christine Hoberg
  20. Red ~ Phoria
    Seeing for the first time
  21. Aquarium ~ Nosaj Thing
    Seeing a reflection
  22. Implode Alright ~ Built by Snow
    When your mind skips a beat
  23. Sutphin Boulevard ~ Blood Orange
    Staring at lights and then driving by them and laughing
  24. The Moss ~ Cosmo Sheldrake
    A really bad nightmare
  25. Spiderlegs ~ Danny Malone
    Running your hands through sand
  26. Ryan ~ Ricky Eat Acid
  27. Brushbloom Glo ~ The Tree Ring
  28. Day Glo ~ Brazos
  29. Penelope's theme ~ Nathan Johnson With the Cinematic Underground
  30. Children's corner, L. 113: Vi. Golliwog's Cakewalk ~ Claude Debussy
    Being a child
  31. La plus que Lents ~ Claude Debussy
    Snow by a fire
  32. The Medic ~ Foxing
    Loving someone
  33. Rory ~ Foxing
    Being shut out
  34. Passenger Seat ~ Death Cab for Cutie
    Thinking with your eyes
  35. We have a map of he piano ~ múm
    Looking through stained glass or a kaleidoscope
  36. Where is my mind ~ Maxence Cyrin
    Stepping in puddles
  37. Twin Rivers ~ Big Scary
    Honestly that moment right when you wake up
  38. Mint Green ~ Andrew Sharpio
    Sun rays through dust
  39. Ghosts ~ On An On
    Twirling around
  40. Aria(per respirare) Giovanni Allevi
    Being on a mountain
  41. Raven's song ~ Aaron Embry
  42. You are all I see ~ active cold
    Being in an old place
  43. A snowflake ~ Peter Broderick
    Staring into an eye
  44. Taro ~ alt-J
  45. One Night Alone ~ Winterpark
    A heartbeat
  46. Up Ship! ~ Port Blue
    Air planes duh
  47. Under the glass observation dome ~ Port Blie
  48. Made of stone ~ Matt Corby
  49. Something Good ~ alt-J
  50. Between the Bars ~ Elliott Smith
    Gliding in a canoe
  51. Breezeblocks ~ alt-J
  52. Intro ~ alt-J
    The inner workings of a clock
  53. Liz on top of the world ~ Dario Marianelli
    The sun rising
  54. A walk ~ Tycho
    A breeze or whisper
  55. Coastal Brake ~ Tycho
    Yeah it's looking at the ocean
  56. Dada ~ Jean-Michel Blais
    A jazzy piano with dust