1. Lolita(1997)
    Just why
  2. Mozart
    Pretentious youth
  3. The Star Wars prequels except for revenge of the sith
  4. Disney channel
  5. Frozen
  6. Donald trump
  7. Politics
  8. Shoes
  9. Latin
  10. The cold
    Like the super brown cold
  11. Bees and any insect that flies and can hurt you
  12. Fake tans
  13. Cilantro
    It's like eating a candle
  14. Gas prices
  15. Mornings
    Like the first ten minutes
  16. Pop music yes Taylor swift mostly
  17. Raw meat
  18. Dead animals
  19. Adults
  20. Modern architecture
    No feeling of history that makes character
  21. New age piano music
    So you can play an arpeggio over and over and add a few notes on top good job
  22. Hateful judgement and/or prejudice
  23. Scooby doo live action movies
  24. Megan kelly
    That Fox News reporter
  25. Calculus