I'm proud of my rather refined junk food palate.
  1. Rainbow Twizzlers
    Extremely hard to find. Recently bought two packages from a Target in Mission Viejo.
  2. Golden Double-stufd Oreos.
    I can't stomach the chocolate Oreo cookie. It's just not sweet enough? Or chocolate-y enough? The Golden Oreo cookie is perfectly sweet and like a shortbread almost. And don't even get me started on the half-assed filling in a regular Oreo.
  3. Nerds Rope
    Another really hard to find, hidden treat. If you find one in a gas station, you run the risk of a stale licorice rope with flakey Nerd bits. A soft, almost warm Nerds Rope is a rare spot of heaven.
  4. Mini Butterfinger Cups, frozen
    Chocolate treats must be frozen. Room-temp chocolate is too messy and runs the risk of leaving evidence that it was hastily consumed on your fingers and lips. Mini treats are also great in that you can eat 20 a day and easily justify to yourself that you "really only ate one regular-sized Butterfinger....so I can actually have 20 more minis".... Also, Butterfingers.
  5. Dark Chocolate Kit Kats
    The only thing that would make mini Butterfinger cups better would be a dark chocolate version. I don't trust people who don't like dark chocolate. Pretty racist, but correct.
  6. Chocolate Creme-filled Donut, Dunkin Donuts
    My work reloads a $50 Dunkin gift card for me every month. This benefit gets me out of the house at least once a week as I work from home. So not only does my employer want me to never leave the house, it also wants me to get fat, like Leo's mom in Gilbert Grape. Funny story: in my last month of pregnancy we went to Dunkin so much that my boss thought my Dunkin gift card had been hacked.
  7. Diet A&W Creme Soda
    This is definitely an everyday treat since the lack of calories. It really shouldn't be consumed everyday as it also gives me a crazy stomach ache. I just can't win.